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 The role of culture in development of the country


The theoreticians of development who were under influence of Europe for some time did not have any role for culture in development of countries. As the forerunner countries in development like France, England, Germany and then the U.S.A. had their cultural transformation shaped up gradually during 500 years and efficient organizations emerged from inside it  and then their economy flourished and they developed. Thus, they never studied their cultural developments. But, when Japan, Soviet Union, South Korea, China and some other little countries experienced quick development trend, in searching the reasons, they came to know the importance of cultural infrastructure of these countries and found out that the point of start-up of their developments are creation of cognizant an wary changes in some of fields of their cultures and they gradually developed  the role of culture in the books and in the development theories.    

Culture is the root of the tree of development and from inside the culture political, economic… theories form up and from inside them organizations commensurate with the same culture come about. If these organizations are efficient, their fruits in the form of goods and services are commensurate with the same culture and they will meet and make up for the needs of people of that society.

This inner consolidation and solidarity between beliefs, and values of a community, i.e. Culture together with social institutions and type of goods which they supply bring about the progress and endogenous development in every country and to the extent that each of these elements are imported, bring with them difficulties and crises in the society which make chaos and disorder in other social elements.

If artists aim at creating artistic work for speedup of development and progress , executive managers of various political, economic and social sectors should open the doors of organizations to artists. Of course, initially artists should present initial samples and here the directors should help produce this product.

It is necessary to identify initially cultural changes that result in progress and development. Issues like creation of incentive for scientific growth, correct economic culture, order tendency and abiding by law etc. Then we must assess people’s decisions against these subjects and then deal with creation of works which bring about improvement of culture.


  • Abstract from ideology book for culture making, written by Dr. Hassan Bonyanian

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